Shipping of Frozen Products

We are pleased that we also offer frozen specialties in addition to our classic range. The products are particularly fresh, tasty and very easy to prepare! Even if the shipping of frozen products is somewhat more complex, we have found a simple and reliable solution for our customers.

How does the shipment of frozen products work?

The delivery of our frozen products in a standard way is currently only possible within Germany with the modalities described below. We only place orders abroad with a special freight forwarder for frozen goods. Please contact us personally by phone or email so that we can make an individual offer.

We send your goods in a well-insulated packaging and can thus guarantee that the cold chain is not interrupted. We store your goods in a specially insulated box up to 3 cm thick. In these boxes we also put dry ice slices (-75 ° C) with protective packaging. The temperature in the box thus corresponds to the conditions of a conventional freezer. Of course, we always adjust the number of cooling elements to the quantity ordered and the outside temperature. The size of the shipping carton is also carefully selected by your personal order picker. For mixed goods, we will make a special separation of the frozen and non-frozen products.

Your frozen products are cooled with dry ice. It keeps your dishes frozen during shipping and delivery and vaporizes without residue after you open your package. What remains is a special paper bag that you can dispose of in the waste paper.

Frozen articles are dispatched by express delivery the next day after dispatch. Depending on the quantity of the ordered goods, we send by parcel or by a carrier. As a rule of thumb:

> Frozen product order quantity is 1-2 packaging units: Shipping via UPS Express (frozen products are delivered separately from the non-frozen products)
> Frozen order quantity is 3+ packaging units: Shipping by carrier next day (frozen products are delivered together with the non-frozen products)

Since this shipping method causes additional costs, there is a frozen surcharge in addition to the normal shipping costs for orders. The frozen surcharge is 20 € (plus normal shipping costs)

In order to ensure timely delivery, we only send shipments with frozen goods from Monday to Wednesday. Please note this in your planning.


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